Trenance Farm Cottages

Mullion, Helston, Cornwall

tel: 00 44 (0)1326 240 639

Holiday Cottages in Cornwall
Holiday Cottages in Cornwall
Holiday Cottages in Cornwall
 3 to 4 stars

Our Policy - Green Tourism

We are members of C.O.A.S.T (Cornwall’s Sustainable Tourism Project), Tamara has completed a Btec in Sustainable tourism, intermediate award. Jennifer and Richard support several local charities including the RNLI, Natural Trust, South West Coastal Path. We have applied to GBTC, sustainable tourism group stamp to be included in their list. We believe that our efforts will see us enjoying Cornwall for years to come. The cottages are decorated by local tradesmen; we use local trade’s people for every task around the farm.

The cottages themselves are all fitted with energy saving bulbs and night storage heaters, we also use low water consumption flush in the loos, we collect rainwater for use in the garden and have several bird tables dotted around to encourage the biodiversity. We know that small changes make all the difference and we hope that by following the practices we use here at Trenance our great grandchildren will be enjoying the Peninsular in years to come, and if you didn't already follow these practices at home give it a try, you can be part of the solution too!

We are committed to reducing the impact on our environment and we would like to enlist your help in making this possible.

Please, Please, Please read and follow the rules when at Trenance.

The three "R"s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We have clearly marked bins for recycling all waste. If possible take your own carrier bags out with you and look for produce that has less packaging (I always think if there is less dressing up the product probably tastes/works better anyway). It's all common sense really but makes such a difference. The recycling bins are behind the laundry, and are all clearly marked for card, cans, paper, bottles etc.

Leave the car at Trenance for the day!

With such a wealth of amazing views all around its sometimes easy to miss them when you’re whizzing past in the car, why not leave the car here for the day and go by foot, or go for a ride on horseback! A much better way to take in the beauty of the peninsular, we can supply maps and recommended routes for walks and the stables are not far. Visit Cornwall’s walking scheme which recognizes Trenance Farms efforts and endorses us as an establishment taking steps in the right direction, we can offer luggage transfer if you would like to leave the car at home all together. Conserve electricity It almost goes without saying but switch off when you leave please. Don’t leave lights on, don’t leave appliances on stand by, you'd be amazed how much power that takes! Don’t unnecessarily charge phones, laptops etc, once they’re charged unplug them, they won’t get anymore charged by leaving them plugged in! We can all make a difference.

Buy Local !

Buy local, eat local, wear local. You get the picture! Please support Cornish enterprise wherever you can, we’re good! Follow the Countryside Code Always close gates after you, keep dogs under control, if possible try and avoid areas with other livestock when walking dogs, Always take litter home to recycle, try to protect wildlife and plants, don’t pick native plants, they prefer it here anyway!
Richard, Jenny & Tamara Tyler-Street